Are UK Music Festivals and Gigs Safe for Women

Are UK Music Festivals and Gigs Safe for Women?

A surprising number of women report concerns over safety at UK festivals and many well-known festivals such as Download (previously Monsters of Rock), Leeds, Reading and Glastonbury, have all been plagued by a range of safety concerns for women since … Read more

Drugs and Alcohol How to Stay Safe at a Festival

Drugs and Alcohol: How to Stay Safe at a Festival

Festivals offer the opportunity to relax and experience some things you wouldn’t normally. This could be the music, the atmosphere or a whole range of other experiences depending on your chosen festival. It could also mean access to drugs and … Read more

How to run a festival campsite disco on 12 volts

How to Run a Festival Campsite Disco on 12 Volts

Today we’re chatting to non-other than Rich Littlewood, metal fan, minor agriculturalist and builder of devices from Newcastle (the proper one in the North-East of England, not the one near Stoke, he insists). Richard has been something of a legend … Read more

Ultimate Guide for Festival First-Timers

Helpful Guide for Festival First-Timers

Attending your first festival can be a daunting prospect if you are a first-timer. But, if you get it right, I’m sure you’ll get hooked and keep coming back for more. Festivals come in different shapes and sizes from Glastonbury … Read more