A Guide to Isle of Wight Festival Campervan Field

Quick review of the Isle of Wight Festival campervan field

This festival campervan field is organised fairly well. It does have all the festival amenities and facilities that you would expect, such as water, toilets, showers and chemical sewage disposal nearby. It’s also pretty well secured for such sizeable festival. Like a lot of festival campervan fields, it’s the furthest camping area from the main arena so you better like walking.

What kind of tickets will I need to stay in the Isle of Wight campervan field?

You will need a standard weekend ticket for every person in the camper van, but the Campervan Permit is an additional ticket you will need to purchase.

You will only need one Campervan Permit for each campervan. It is a windscreen sticker that needs to be easily visible on your van’s windscreen while you are on the festival site.

Will the Isle of Wight Festival Field sell out?

Taking campervans to festivals is more popular each year, and it’s highly likely campervan tickets will sell out so stay vigilant.

Do all vans get searched by security?

All vans present at the festival are automatically subject to searching upon entering the field. Our vans have always undergone searching, so it’s safe to assume your van will be as well.

Festival Security and staff will search vans for any packed items that are not permissible in the festival as listed in detail within the Terms and Conditions of the Isle of Wight Festival. If they are found, these items will be immediately confiscated and site entry could be refused. All decisions made by Festival Security are final.

Are there marked pitches?

The pitches are marked out 7x7m and arranged in double rows. There are fire lanes that run between each of the double rows. There are festival staff present at the field to assist with parking when you arrive. They are pretty keen when it comes to you staying within your pitch.

What is permissible on the pitch?

The festival rules are becoming more strict as time goes on, so be sure you read all rules and details very carefully and can comply with all of them.

Only campervans/motorhomes are allowed in the Isle of Wight Festival camper van field. Caravans are not permitted.

Standard vans with only mattresses or bunkbeds are not permitted.

Any other vehicle that is deemed unfit by the Festival Staff is subject to removal (See below for an official campervan definition).

Where can festival attendees sleep?

Attendees are only permitted to sleep inside the camper van, tents, or awnings. You may not sleep in any cars, unconverted vans, or people carriers.

What is meant by a campervan?

Any kind of standard motorhome, camper van is great. If you’re bringing a converted van or another unusual kind of vehicle, it is best to read these official definitions of a campervan to see if it aligns with the specifications:

  • There must be an access door to living arrangements in the vehicle.
  • A bed, the crucial part of the living area, must be a minimum length of 6 feet or 1800mm. It can be converted from seats for other purposes at nighttime to create a bed.
  • There has to be a container or tank for storing water in the vehicle.
  • There must be a seating/dining section that is permanently fixed to the vehicle. Tables can be removable, but there must be a method of permanent fixation. A loose table will not suffice.
  • There must be attached storage, a locker, a wardrobe, or cupboard within the vehicle.
  • There must be an attached cooking area in the vehicle, either gas-powered or electric.
  • There must be one window (or more) on the vehicle’s side.

Can tents be pitched?

Festival attendees are allowed to have a tent, gazebo, or awning on the side of their van. As long as you stay within your pitch, you should be fine.

Are gas cylinders allowed?

Gas cylinders are not permitted anywhere on the festival grounds unless they have been installed in the vehicle by a professional. A gas supply that is integrated into the campervan is fine. Gas bottles that stand alone are not allowed, so they should be left behind. Festivals generally have a history of crazy behaviour with loose gas canisters, so the stewards are not lenient with them under any circumstances.

What about Petrol Generators?

No. Petrol is quite dangerous and generators are loud and disruptive. If you are found to have any petrol in your vehicle or elsewhere, you will be immediately removed from the Isle of Wight Festival site.

Do they allow fires?

Open fires are not permitted in the camper van field, but having a barbecue is fine as long as it is three meters away from any van or other vehicle. If the barbecue begins to flame and is more like a fire, it will be up to the stewards decision whether or not you can keep it lit.

Is glass permitted?

Glass is not allowed anywhere in the festival. Any beer you bring has to be in cans; wine or spirits must be placed in plastic bottles as well. Plastic glasses are great for a fancy touch. You will see glass being taken off campers all the time at the festival gates. There is no flexibility on this rule.

Can flags be brought?

Flags are permissible in the field but not in the festival arena. The Isle of Wight Festival is not like Glastonbury, so if you bring a flag in the arena, be ready to be removed from the arena promptly.

Can alcohol be brought into the festival arena?

No. Festival Security will pat everyone down upon entry to the arena, so it would be nearly impossible to sneak any in past the guards. If alcohol is found on you, it will be taken and disposed of.

When does the Campervan field need to be vacated?

Every person in the van and all vehicles must be removed from the field by noon on the Monday following the festival. Festival staff will be milling around the field to prompt you to pack things up. In our festival experiences, the majority of those in the field do not linger for very long and the site does clear relatively quickly.

Are campervan pitches flat?

Yes, pitches will be very flat for the most part. There will be the occasional pot-hole to make pitching difficult, but we have always had easy pitches for our vans and awnings.

Are there showers, elsan points, toilets, and water?

The campervan field is reasonably well equipped. There are toilets, water and showers nearby. There is a chemical tank for toilet disposal.

How does security work?

Festival staff and security complete occasional patrols. There are lights that run around the edges, but it is mostly dark in the middle of the field at nighttime.

The campervan field is not particularly known for theft, but there can be up to 60,000 attendees at the festival. More than likely, there will be one or two bad apples present who will attempt to steal things. Use common sense precautions, locking your campervan when you are not around and keeping any valuables locked or hidden. Bringing unnecessary valuables is not advised.

How far are the stages from the campervan field?

From the campervan field, walking times (depending on how muddy the ground is) would be:

The Arena’s Entry: about 10-15 minutes

Main Stage’s Front: about 30 minutes

You can easily rack up 10 miles a day so bring comfy socks, boots and talc for your feet.

If there is a band bringing a large amount of people to the arena, an additional 10 or 15 minutes could easily be required to allow for security checks. Leave the camping field early to make sure you do not miss any music or attractions.

Are the fields muddy?

The Isle of Wight Festival is beautiful in sunny weather and epic if it rains. If there is rain, you will need to bring wellies along. Use common sense and do not be too upset when you get a bit wet or muddy. Look at “Top Tips to Help You Survive Festival Rain and Mud” for some extra help at https://festivalvanlife.com/top-tips-survive-festival-rain-mud/.

Is there anywhere to find extra information?

Hopefully, this article has answered the majority of questions that first-time festival attendees have about the Isle of Wight Festival Campervan Field. If there are any additional questions you have or if there is some extra information you have to share, please do add them into the comment section below or send a message to us through the Festival Vanlife Facebook Page. We will try our best to answer anything you may have.

Another great place to find some more tips about the Isle of Wight Festival Field is on the festival website: https://isleofwightfestival.com This should answer anything that we have left uncovered, as well as have any updates about the Isle of Wight Festival that you may need to know before attending.

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